WTF? I know, I know. The Universe. Well, yes that is kind of a big thing, so is a strongly possible life-changer.

Earth, is but a proton type member of this universe (tiny).

Britain is what in comparison to the Universe isn’t even a proton. A small country really. BUT. There are smaller countries, one of which I have visited once only; well currently anyway.

Throughout the last 8ish years, I have read stuff I had previously wouldn’t have my cup of tea. But my life journey hasn’t been ‘as planned’.

Some may claim that said reading material is “hippy’ish” or similar, i.e. being of the spiritual variety (and business), and despite that, I am referring to belief in… the power of the attraction!

One of the books is called The Secret and is pretty famous. 10 million copies worth of fame to be more specific:

“The book is based on a pseudo-scientific theory called the “law of attraction” – the principle that “like attracts like.” Specifically, Byrne focuses on the idea that your dreams do in fact come true – thinking about money and wealth will attract these very things, causing them to manifest in your life.” 27 Mar 2018

SO, maybe I’ve been living with more than sub-consciously thinking and wishing. 

My previous blog was not an especially happy one. I have not been especially happy in myself either. Funny that.

Story time.

One day something happened. To two people; that may have been clearly seen by others, somewhere sometime.

Sidney and Germina had realised with realisation, they are a bloody winning couple! So yeah, having been through it a bit, that proved to have been tricky for them - they knew – but in reality, they were pig-in-shit happy together. 

Logistically it was not ideal granted, but that it was a challenge more than a problem.

Smaller country? Heather? Do the maths! Or, geography! Scotland.

Why this blog now? Bizarrely I heard a bit of a book review that struck a chord. The book. “Just F*cking Do It: Stop Playing Small. Transform Your Life.”

This book by Noor Hibbert (I didn’t know of her or the book), and despite that the title and instilled belief outside of the ‘business mindset coaching’ palaver, helped with my thought-concreting.

Aye, just f*ucking do it! No life dress rehearsal bla bla bla! I know where I’m at.

Back to the story

Germina said she gets in the blood. Sidney now knows. 

Transfusion time? Nope. Definitely not. His blood was thick enough for the challenge ahead and they rode off on a blue unicorn together.


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  2. I was going to ask if this was THE Roger Cook but of course it is.. your writing style and ability to draw a reader in is the same.. whether limited to a line or two or a damn good read like this!! I still don't know how this well help vote Sunday but am glad to have found your site.. will be returning to read about alot more than your posture!! Take care Roger!!


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