Music My Story

I am / was, an engineer now with multiple sclerosis for company! One thing that has never changed for me within my life is my love for music!


I am now 38 and have been about for 5 decades believe or not! 

  • 70s
  • 80s
  • 90s
  • 00s
  • 10s

Born ’78 but not quite big enough then for any opinion aged just 2! Hence no direct 70s music from me at this stage in this story! 
So I’ll start with long-term memories from the 80s first!

Where did it all begin?

I can to this day remember – honest! - listening to the Beach Boys through my Dad’s HUGE cans (earphones! Which were probably not that big at that time.) Surfin’ Safari etc. Good Vibrations took on a different meaning later for me, not knowing then my future career would have me dealing with vibrations!

30+ years later after its first release, Ghostbusters 
– everyone knows the tune, don’t they – and I’ve still got the original 7” single, my very first piece of vinyl, which I’ve played at some parties (all be said parties a good few moons ago!) when a change might be needed.

As I grew older things changed. Boy did they!

I won’t subject you to any ‘proper hardcore’; maybe a bit drum and bass ;-) I loved that time even though I fully appreciate hardcore is highly unmusical. Today’s ‘claimed’ hardcore is nothing of the sort; I think anyway. Showing age!


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