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Hi I am Roger Cook, and this is my first ever personal website. Here you will learn about me, what I’m good at, bad at, love, hate, do, don’t do... etc! Have a squiz at my passions below of which there will be further details of elsewhere on this site. [work in motion!]


Family and friends. I’m the oldest offspring of 2 and currently 44 years young. Fantastic Mam, Dad and sister whom I’m blessed with. No kids of my own. Yet!
Within my years to date, I have amassed umpteen fabulous friends that I keep in contact with on a regular basis...good times J from pre-school and where I have lived, to employment and back again!


Well Newcastle United Football Club first and foremost!
I proudly have held a season ticket which I have had now for several years at St. James’ Park. This will be an ongoing blog!
Other than football, I do like to watch a variety of others. E.g. (in no particular order!) Snooker, Tennis (a bit), Motor sports..bla bla bla..not rugby though!


Something I have held an interest in forever. For this I describe my tastes as ‘random’, because they are that! Some say varied but I like to use random!
I can go back to when about 6/7 (at a guess) wearing my Dad’s HUGE earphones listening to the Beach Boys on his record system! Not knowing that there would have been a link from that to later work*. And how things change; oh how they change! But don’t dislike the Beach Boys! Now for example, mixed bag of diverse electronic (as I like to refer to it), classical, Motown, bit of jazz, rap/hip-hop, dnb....♫


I love it all! No I’m not a fatty, just love it, the eating of and the making of. Favourite/s? Hard call as I love all, but I have and have had, a certain palate for CURRY since began with a Corma/Korma/Kurma (you decide!) aged, umm, 11/12?
When I begin to cook the first ingredients on my list, bench, in the pan are garlic, onions, chillies. Mmmmm. Can and have eaten curry or similar for breakfast, lunch, tea, supper!


Work is something I like to believe that I have done all my life; not without change. That is up for argument; is it?
MS had its opinions on that… Since that interruption I have looked and look and look for graft! Not without trying has given me an unplanned CV! Unashamed as it is all as honest as can be. Left the professional footballer off though. Phew. However. My background lies VERY much in engineering – a change you see!


That’s Multiple Sclerosis, which I’m err, blessed with.

I have been suffering with this condition for a canny while now, but I manage it best I can and it thankfully does NOT stop me ‘functioning’ fairly damn well. Not there aren’t negatives, which of course there are many. But I try not to dwell on the/any negatives in life.

This led to me volunteering locally with the MSSociety which I thoroughly enjoy as a general committee member with the Newcastle & Gateshead branch.

Bobby :-(

My cat was named Bobby. He was my 1st ever cat having owned dogs in the past, just being that bit older and working, can’t spend the time with a canine pet that they deserve, whereby the feline equivalent are that much more independent, but aye, still loved the little fella as (at times) irritating as he was.
He went missing for 2 days, which isn't unheard of for cats, but after relentless asking searching etc, I received a knock on the door which I jumped to with hopeful expectation. However it was the opposite. He been found. Vets ensured for sad conclusion and he had been knocked-down. Not a happy ending.

Other crack

Crack is how Geordies know ‘craic’ as. Not a typo!

Sarcasm. HUMOUR is a big part of who I am. Have to laugh! Laughing, smiling, good times :-D Aye, I may have what may be seen as, as a dry sense of humour. I cater for all, or at least try to (I’ll laugh irrespective! Apologies in advance!)

Pi. Films. Holidays? 

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