My exercise story? I am 37 years old and do have #MS. I also try to #exercise. I like it (gym weights mostly (I try!)) and feel some benefits of it too. Wouldn't go if didn't I suppose!

When I was younger – teens really – I exercised quite a bit all be it strength focused, as some do at that age! Then came university and even though I joined the gym there every year of the 4, my attendance was really not worth the then total of twenty whole quid, yet better than nowt!

Working at BAE Systems a bit thereafter, I resumed going to the gym and played football (not very well!) and did some kickboxing (I liked it!). So I guess I have had some form of exercise in my life to a certain regard.

After BAE I went to what became Lockheed Martin – gym and football* stopped really. Wasn’t the same funability of 6-a-side availability; but I did pick-up a bit of eskrima that I enjoyed until the #MonSter started fighting back…!

The job started to interfere with my health enough for me to take the queue to return to my beloved North East. Not solely the job, but that’s another story.
Anyway, I did make some more gym activity and martial arts (another story?!**) whilst ‘getting to grips’ with the condition, and for the last few years I have come to fully appreciate the benefits of physical activity with regards to helping some MS affects. I can’t speak for all, but it is as I see it more recognised as being more of a help than hindrance.

Personally in/at the gym which I do not go to as often as I should, I have for recent’ish years gone for general fitness which touch wood seems to be keeping me physically OK. Nothing to do with DMDs of course!

What I find funny is how that by exercising can improve fatigue. Kind of goes against the grain? “I’m tired, “how the hell will physically exercising make me less tired?” fitness in a word if done correctly. I am not a fitness guru by qualification or otherwise, so it is not my place to recommend what you should do. Seek advice if want to check this route out!

The desire in the first, second and third (if all is good) weeks after an infusion (#Tysabri) is pretty good, to manage a good shift in the gym. Yet, I know when I approach and hit the ‘MS wall’, and therefore to stop. Or it can bite, which is perfectly unwanted! Another nice feeling after the gym, is that of the ‘endorphin rush’! Quite simply a mood enhancer! I MUST add, that of course there are umpteen days when the desire/energy just is NOT on hand. That’ll be the fatigue MonSter.

The other activity I partake in is that deathly martial art of… #Pilates! I find this very good for helping with flexibility, balance, coordination and for that core strength thing! In an exercise room full of women? Could be worse! I like it, being commonly the only bloke is not a bad thing either, is it!?

*looking back now I understand why I found the stretching pre-kick off not as easy as others. Balance, or lack of! There were others not as keen or capable of the playing as me, I must add! Saddens me that that was the last time I played. Still, I’m now a season ticket holder!

**I do have an affinity to martial arts in that I like them. However, certain ‘symptoms’ have ended the trying!

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