The what? A brand name? About?

A truly, truly, amazing invention - a NASA invention - to allow a human to effectively experience movement WITHOUT GRAVITY! I kid you not. The following words should explain this a shit-load better!:

Calibrated Differential Air Pressure

AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ technology combines precision unweighting technology with real-time gait analytics and video feedback. No other unweighting technology offers as much precision, accuracy and comfort than AlterG.

Better?! Obviously! The one word I missed was Treadmill! Doh!

Well, I’ll stop there regarding my initial description of this superb piece of brilliance. Click on the linked text above or forthcoming pictures for more (no commission for me!).

Wikipedia - AlterG

After an initial ‘test’ of some of my abilities - set the control - I began a week later (on 4 subsequent Wednesdays) - and my eyes were opened!

1st Session

I didn’t make notes directly after that session! Another MS meeting took those notes away. But!

To be in the MSRRF new building, which is actually a bit closer geographically and quicker to and from me, than Benmar House, housing the AlterG, was a very good opportunity welcomed!

Not your usual gym equipment addition. By far! And the prep. 

To get that/the kind of upside-down skirt thing on top of the leggins was definitely unusual! What I mean is that due to its nature - of being airproof - you have to don this skirt by putting one's legs through the leg holes. Then!:

  • Walked over safely by/with the therapists to the AlterG

  • Step into the bag

  • The bag zips with the skirt to ensure airproof

  • Initial air blown into capsulated area for to ensure no leakage

  • Respective settings are set on the AlterG to allow testing to begin

During the testing period - approximately 40 minutes in all - different AG levels were used as I responded the best I could to the exercises I was asked to do.

What a fabulous device! To experience different body weights (40% to 50%) during the session and see/realise what was in effect wrong with my techniques was an eye-opener!

Massive kudos to the therapists who identified some poor movements in me, and plans thereafter to improve.

2nd session

Following the 1st session, I dressed a tad differently. Also a 1st for me going commando in Lycra long-legged athletic (ha) trousers. Good call (the crown jewels didn’t hurt)!

Anyway, after a slow increase of slow walking speed, to floaty [I think I was at 50% body weight] walk for a while, I tried a #RUN!

I am not a #runner per say in any way shape or form, but here's the strange thing. I quite enjoyed it!

40% body weight with guidance from Paula and Steph (thank you both massively) were keys. Huge keys.

#Squats, again with corrections and guidance all for me and hopefully (ultimately a bit of an OTT descriptor) improvement/s.

A very good session.

It was apparent that my gait and duck-footedness - right foot sticking out more so - and I concentrated on straightening it. Class!

I can see and feel differences as of thereafter and at time of writing this paragraph - Thursday - which is great!

3rd Session

Following on from last week, I've been mindfully trying to keep the right foot straightened, which has proven a lot easier than previously!

So, this session, I continued with a walk into a jog, as the therapists viewed my responsive actions (feet placement; knees transverse action, height and such).

Transpires that said foot, with my thoughts, respond better at a slower pace. As such, jogging is finished (ignoring the positive stamina progression), to allow the feet(foot) to be concentrated on better.

The muscles involved, will receive respective (and focussed) exercises - NOT solely - no pun!

I will continue to work with foot focus!

4th and final Session

After the previous 3, the tremendous therapists have a fair idea of my abilities. Or MiS abilities! Me too!

An initial chat was had about any changes - my foot, leg swinging, balance and posture (I think) - before I got 'dressed for action'!*

* That is getting 'inside' the human #AlterG ring shall we say. That allows you to become one with the AlterG (AG), so air and gravity do their stuff!

So, once inside the AG, the therapists set it going. As it measures my weight, and hence ready for whatever actions it's told to do. Confused? Read on.

AG actions. They are fairly basic in one regard. I.e. Primarily how much body weight in percentage one will weigh during exercises!

#Treadmill basics really thereafter make for the improvement targets to be visible, and to be worked WITH.

In my case, seeing how my right foot wants to do the opposite of Go West, and Go East. Not 12'o'clock but more in-between 1 and 3!

AND, obviously one is standing so one's balance is obviously challenged too. When is it not.

A selection of measured exercises are all monitored (and digitally stored) throughout. Each ‘session’ never starts from a blank sheet.

Today - 4th session - I have definitely noticed improvement in my targeted movements! And they fit together - #physically and therefore #mentally as well!

The ultramarathon is not on the cards for the near future! However! What I have done with my AlterG time has been amazing. The little things that I took for granted that I CAN do, will only be fabulous for the now and the future!

Thank you soooo much MSRRF for the opportunity and amazing therapists during this short journey.

I also know that what has been seen and worked with and on, will lead to certain physical therapies to continue improvement! Focussed follow ups if you will!

Where's the nearest pub?!

A quick review

As you’ve hopefully read above, I respect MSRRF a million percent - and for the here and now - the AlterG.

As I am not a medical or any kind of Doctor, my research in respect of my blogging may be flawed. Not as Doctah (NO TYPO!) Cook though!


Definitions from Oxford Languages · Learn more


  • the chief muscle of the calf of the leg, which flexes the knee and foot. It runs to the Achilles tendon from two heads attached to the femur.

The gatrocnemius! The what?! Well as per the dictionary, it is a muscle. A muscle not talked about very often! Here’s the but. This was identified as a muscle in me - right leg - that is short due to being tight. Something to work with and on with those who know!





The gastrocnemius muscle is a complex muscle that is fundamental for walking and posture[1]. Gastrocnemius forms the major bulk at the back of lower leg and is a very powerful muscle. It is a two joint or biarticular muscle and has two heads and runs from back of knee to the heel. The definitive shape of the calf is as a result of the medial and lateral heads of the gastrocnemius, which are situated at the posterior, upper half of the lower leg. With the soleus and plantaris, they form a composite muscle called the triceps surae. The two heads of the muscle form the lower boundaries of the popliteal fossa.[2]The gastrocnemius muscle is superficial, can be easily seen and can be touched on the back of your lower leg.[3]

This description with ‘basics’ highlighted - pun intended - say to me that a lot of my lower body movement imperfections could be down to this muscle! Could. We’ll see!


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