Travelling on a bus- the Headphones Saga!

Travelling on a bus- the Headphones Saga! 


Having a trip booked, I took some time previously to download a few episodes (comedy and crime drama, you filthy sods!) to watch on the journey to kill the time. 

Here's the however. In my wisdom I checked whether or not a certain tablet would connect with a certain pair of wireless headphones.

That alone proved to be a waste of time itself! I should have trusted my instincts and actually manually tried it. Should have.

Skipping (definitely no pun there) forward to the bus.

I was all set up best I could to get on a bloody bus. I was told "yes", the tablet's Bluetooth was activated already so proceeded to switch on the headphones' Bluetooth too.

A match! I pressed play on Line of Duty S1:E3!

"What? Doesn't sound quite right…" I thought to myself. Lifted the earpieces off my lugs and said sound was direct from the tablet!

No match made. A bad connection? I tried and tried, and could've 'connected' to others'. 

Bad job. Moved on to music from my phone with a tried and tested connection. No problems there by the way.

Now here's the BUT! After a while of listening to Calm stuff (I love it), an unusual sharp headache developed.

Paracetamol followed, then I thought/remembered that that maybe wasn't a first (that headache).

I took the 'phones off and instantaneously, no headache.

Wish(.com). The cheap headphones got damaged after I reached my destination!

EXPAND! Moral of the story? Don't trust Cheap indeed; for a reason.

The return.

After a time on holiday, home time came too soon (cheers Corona endorsed Ryanair earlier flight. Not).

Headphones! Back to theme. I was kindly given me a pair of wired Sony's so ‘Line of Duty’ it (successfully) was on the bus; until the old tablet device power ran out (I had been advised to take the charger; meh).

Other than that I managed to get the emergency exit seat for the first time! Leg room! Not so good for tablet viewing though! Pros and cons. More pros being a tall bloke.

Other than that, said bus journey allowed me to see get away. 

Don't forget your BFH!


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