Coronavirus realisations? Its a positive!

Coronavirus realisations?

This is fun isn’t it? Hopefully I am not going to repeat my previous Coronavirus blog [there!], but sure there will be overlaps!

What realisations am I on about then? This / these struck me very recently. The staying indoors more as we are supposed to – previously explained! – giving me more 'boring me time’, giving positives?

I am doing what I can the best for my physical and mental health, under ONE set of rules. MINE. I haven’t got to be anywhere at a certain time, do anything specifically, rest not-guiltily…

Aye, sounds like they all go directly against the set of government COVID rules; but it doesn’t.

Let me explain a bit. The statement that was said was to stay indoors, and remains overlying advice. So, I am ‘adhering’ mostly to this straight away. Fun?

Well actually! For example, when I have the/some permitting energy I may attempt to do:

  • Some kind of morning fitness – MS friendly YouTube mixture; like Pilates, yoga, stretching.

  • Afternoon MS YouTube fitness with/without dumbbells (gun dreams are history).

  • Take an occasional short walk

These are NOT done in any usual day I must add! I wish that was the case. Just saying.

The good thing? I feel that with less actions 'to do' it seems to be equalling less stress; less routine working well for me and my MS? Or just 'Tysabri time' being kind? Or both?

Whatever it is I do feel like I am feeling dare I say generally a bit better! Still bigger-pictured knackered, that’s a bloody given (my friend insomnia is always with me, MS fatigue also reminds me regularly too) but as A coronavirus positive I accept it.

Bleep over! #stayhome #stayindoors #staysafe #drink


  1. How true! Who has either the time or the energy to do that everyday if not locked down indeed! This quarantine has proven to be a great chance to take good care of ourselves, both physically and mentally. So many books to read, thoughts to be organised, habits to be tested. Blogs to be created ;) Congrats Roger! (the name is Nadia Diolintzi btw but this is how we spell it in greek)


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