'tis the season

Season change

Autumn is in full force. Is it? Well the leaves think so and the cooling weather thinks so; or does it?! Recently there have been temperatures up here (the north east) hitting bloody 20°C! Yes, that is nice in summer months (obviously higher please; and was this year to be frank!) and not one to whinge about any other time; unless.

Unless? Well, you know where I’m going with that. Yip, M bloody S. Temperature can be a nasty (for want of a taboo-free word!) trigger. Can. Not everyone granted, and depending on the type of temperature; e.g. dry or damp/humid. Enough of that; for now.
It is currently October and so far, so good in that I’m having (touch wood) a good month with a few notable ‘good’ days. Those who know what I mean by that, know.

Just a month then? Yes, in that apart from A great week last month, I did not really enjoy September. Change of season? Who knows! Now it’s been and gone - moving on!

What is/are the change/s making a positive change? Well. Thinking of the first week of this month 3 big factors spring to mind. Maybe a 4th

It was the second week after my Tysabri treatment. Usually the best of the 4-week period.

Exercise! With the positivity affecting the motivation in a good way, I have managed to achieved a bit more exercise. Good for all and one of the best for MS. Energy! Still affected by fatigue at times that’s a given unfortunately, but we deal with it best we can and in our own way/s.

Somethings else has happened, that has occurred before, and doing again… NOT drinking! Do not assume anything with that – I have NO drink problem – only a social drinker! However. I have known for years (FAR TOO LONG) that it affects my sleep badly. Am I cured from bastard insomnia now?

Of course not, just get a higher quality sleep and thereafter feel better for it! So, this month is a dry month (by choice, not the Go Sober October’ thing). Who knows if it will continue! (I do fancy a beer though!)

Another activity I did do anyway, just clearer (and arguably more) and for another blog… Meditation. Loving it.

Where does that leave me? Still in the same place geographically. The work thing will never leave until. Acceptance of that topic is as big as a mental health challenge for me as any. Long story and ongoing. Stop there with that Roj. For now!


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