Positive Affiliations 5

Positive Affiliations 5

Straight to it! #lesswaffle!

1. Tysabri 108.

Another? Thankfully YES! Those who know, know! My MS treatment, my DMT (Disease Modifying Treatment; DMD…Drug), and it has done and doing its job. Touch wood.

I like to think that the week prior to the infusion I was quite active and energetic in my own way; then the reminder. Tysabri gets commonly named ‘magic juice’ by its MS recipients.

I can’t quote stats for those of us who get Tysabri that are NOT affected by the time between infusions. Some are though. Commonly I am one that knows when it is the 4th week of the 4. More fatigue with symptomatic responses as an example.

A top-up then. Literally! The weekend was largely spend sat on my arse doing not a lot.

The actual day after the infusion (before the weekend) I did ‘receive’ a session with an MS specialist Physical Trainer, all positive for the MS journey’s benefit. Then a welcome sit for a meditation session thereafter.
Back to the weekend’s sitting. That was when I wrote the Sunderland Airshow blog, so it wasn’t fully wasted.

It really is name-fitting, the magic juice. Let it continue!

2. Sunderland Airshow BLOG.

By now you may have read the respective blog, so I won’t repeat what was said.


The fact that I wrote it is a success for me. Aye, my blogging is free in that I get nothing material in return for what I do. But to know that there is some useful information spread throughout them is a reward for me.

I do not make MS stuff up. What I have are links to other websites host relevant information.

Blue highlighted underlined text – external links
Red highlighted underlined text – internal links

I have time to blog due to my condition. I do not work that pains me daily. It is not a choice I’ve made I promise; a blog itself elsewhere.

3. Fitness.

You get the idea. I continue doing what exercise I can do and benefit from it. An achievement? Without doubt!

As long as I can do what I can; I will. Knowing that exercise is now being seen more and more as such a great benefit within the MS journey – I will endeavour to do go on doing so.

4. Social Media

What? A fourth? Briefly.

Having experience with social media (work not play), I will leave this for another / its own blog, other than, for a Tweet reply to the fantastic American neurologist Aaron Boster’s tweet being liked and retweeted by him again makes me happy and proud!


More than 3 positives OK?


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