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Glasgow 2017!

Glasgow 2017

So, after professionally procrastinating (something I seem particularly good at on occasion!) for a good few years about going to see the wonderful city of Glasgow and some family again, I finally got around to it! What, about 5 years late?!

I did study Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Glasgow between 1996 and 2000 (21 years ago; yikes). Yes, UCAS as it was known then and my choice of what to do had me around the country visiting a few different universities, none of which stood out, until… I got to Glasgow.

Everything about the place did it for me. The city’s people, the vibe, the architecture, and the university itself. Everything. It felt like somewhere I wanted to be. The university – what it (the course) offered, how it looked, where it was/it. I knew where to hedge my bets (A-Level grade hopes!); and that was March ’96.

Even travelling there and back, I randomly met another potential student - Pete - on the train, and shared a bit of excitement as to where we were hopefully going after the summer! I knew Glasgow after that day, what was then my choice number one university by a country mile; bad pun! (Scotland of course!)

Thankfully my grades proved to be OK and I got the phone call from the course director in the August – I popped a forward roll (my last, martial arts failures aside!), honest! – I just then had 2 months to wait.

The course is another story, other than Pete also got through and we are still great mates to this day!

Anyway! Back to, err, Glasgow 2017!

My Mam is one of four sisters hailing from Argyll and the only one to have ‘fled the nest’, leaving three remaining in Scotland and subsequently some amazing cousins! Ronald met me at Glasgow Central – all arranged – and we walked to his car. During that walk to the car I smiled, naturally; gratitude, memories flooding back and a home feeling?! Back in my (close) second favourite city; Newcastle only got top-spot (again) ten(ish) years ago. I’m a big fan of Glasgow if you hadn’t have guessed! Did not feel like it had been years since I’d been at all.

We got to Sally’s home where I met herself, her other-half and daughter (and dog and cat!) with instant family vibes. 5 years? 5 minutes! Plans where in action! Ronald’s better-half Chrisanna arrived a bit later with more of my cousins too. We chatted and looked forward to what was to come later!

And off we went to the city again :-D first port of call was to be a public house obviously, an initial hub for other cousins to join the party! I must add, the whole family meet-up was not my doing, shock-horror. Planning? Ahem.

The whole crew met up there apart from two who had baby-sitting problems – they’d be a bit later elsewhere. Wait for it!

Luckily enough for me, we had a driver! No complaints from me, and to the city centre! Again, I had the Glasgow buzz. Too long since Roj, too long. We parked and walked to the pub meeting place which was busy but not daftly so (a table was found after a little while – the empties were NOT ours, nor was that bottle!) and a few short ones were had. There was a table booked at Masala Twist. Curry? Hell yeah! Fits and giggles aplenty were had in the pub as David and Katie joined us!

Curry’o’clock and spice time! You’ll see from the excellent picture that we had a great table and that the rest of the crew had joined to make a full squad apart from Sharon, my skin and blister, this time (sorry sis, my (no) planning gone wrong).

We ate! Lovely venue, lovely service, lovely curry. One problem. I ate too damn much! Oh well, hardly a complaint! Great crack was had all, fantastic seeing them/you all. However, the night was but young! Onwards!

Having not been there for quite some time and as the guest, I followed to wherever. Good for me, apart from what was sitting heavy – the curry! – so a welcome wander to… The Society Room!

A spacious Wetherspoons was the venue and it proved to be spot-on! Not stupid prices, seating was about if eyes were kept open which they were, and we got sat. And drank, also not stupidly; age?! Common sense!? Both?! It was truly brilliant to mix and chat, until we erm, got kicked out! Closing time; at the bar; asked to leave not kicked-out.
What next. That’s when being thankful for being sensible’ish (far from hammered) worked wonders. Why? Well what follows a night in a city pub, or used to? A nightclub! LONG time since I’ve been at a nightclub anywhere, 17+ years in a Glasgow club of then choice! And then a first for me in the shape of an 80s & 90s club! An eye-opener!

Best way to describe the club? Hmmm. First and foremost, it was fun! Who doesn’t like 80s pop! Hands-up, when I was younger, a lot younger, I hated them. More fool me, but that’s part of growing up. Ahem. I’m a 90s kid. Not strictly true! I’m 39, do the maths! I lived the 90s! So, to have an 80s club to the left and 90s to the right... Different granted, but immense fun mixing with cousins throughout the night, left (80s) and right (90s)! Ha!

Here’s the little music annoyance. As a bit of a self-confessed music-snob (call me what you like!), I was reminded after a good while, what I didn’t (and seemingly still don’t) like about certain nightclubs in Glasgow when I lived there. I can only apparently take so much ‘cheese’; before it affects one’s mood, a little. Sad? Yes, in this essence, but I can’t change that. Wish I could! Did NOT change the whole occasion at all!

Glasgow 2017. What an amazing amazing fantastic short break. Wish I hadn’t left it so long! Thank you all who played out! It was great to see you all. Really great! Your care didn’t go amiss either; not forgotten - thank you all. The MonSter was tamed!


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