Orbital Optical Delusion

Orbital Optical Delusion

As soon as I saw that Orbital were releasing another album I had to pre-order as soon as possible. That was last year (2022).

Cometh the day, the hour, 17th February 2023; cometh their 10th album! It dropped through my letter box - CD, and actually a day early! - so  listening sessions were planned.

I scribbled some notes per tune in my journalistic fashion - ahem - that I have left as they are. Basic.

Ringa Ringa

Beautiful and haunting ghostly voice, layered on bouncy Orbital sounds that pull and stretch you.

Freddie's coming to get you!

Lured in 👏

Day One

Another featuring a different, but equally stunning haunting voice. This time obviously balanced with the actual tune stabs, giving a well rounded dark hitter! A void will suck you in.

Are You Alive

The vocal! Lush. No haunting in it, but with the mid-range it's thoroughly gripping. The break in the beat - attention deepen-er - then your back into the journey, as the voice gets an element of lost in it!

The track-changes take you away, left to right and down and up. Wicked!

Are You The Frequency

A 'new-older' start shouts yes! Becoming part of "the frequency" as the layers and pinching stabs bounce around one's head with more and more layering of sounds! Phew!

Detriot Techno, pianos, and then some!

The New Abnormal

Animalistic 'vocals' set this aside from a steady start before the 2nd half lines come in, then all together for a crescendo - worth the wait!


'Orbital'ised' Detroit techno with yet another great vocal. Leads to next part of this tune with the beat bouncing with the bass, and the top lines. And an echo. It a modern, listening rave! Festival views in the minds eye! 1st and 3rd person!

Dirty Rat

A tune that with more listens only gets better and better. Rave punk, punk rave?! An involving yelling story. Politically stunning too.

Add the tonally increasing mid-range as the chorus? Genius. Have to go the end of the trip!

Requiem For The Pre-Apocalypse

There it is. Outer space. See into the galaxy and beyond, on a journey. The break-beats carrying one on in a mystical mission. 3-D. All around, planets, colour, changes, happiness.

What A Surprise

Instant twisted Orbital (like a remix of sorts) before another instant change to a dark step into future Oldskool breaks. No escaping this! Bouncing around a cube, slightly old computer game-esq. Full of surprise!

Moon Princess

Middle East, Egypt?! Travelling; in a (an airborne) cone between the 2 areas?! Cobras, magic carpets, rocketed out of the world looking back. So damn clever.

A brilliant album. Never in doubt let's be fair! Only Orbital can produce such unique, thought provoking music. Add to that elements of politics. That takes experience. I'm sure many won't agree with their stances. I couldn't give a shit about those who don't!

Then the supporting tour! I was lucky enough to see them recently in Newcastle for this tour. Last time I did see them here (I live near Newcastle) was 2012!

Unbelievable. What a night.


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