Early 2023 MS

Early 2023 MS

A quick rant of realisation. This year, certain things - MS things - have made me realise further about my bastard condition, illness, disability, whatever.

Thankfully nothing too dramatic at all, just me being an overthinking twat.


A couple of; internally and externally 


Showing its head all for the more


Noticing how it’s worsening; in my head lol

Yet, it is the winter season and I am all too aware of that. These days it affects me more. MS affliction and joints too (wear and tear, fair cop)!

A few things:

  • That I feel the need to walk more (knees disagree)

  • I should 'somehow' socialise more

  • Watch less TV (mental and financial benefits!)

  • Be more mindful of my balance

  • Keep searching for motivation with improvement

  • Always accept more; Wembley* is a no-go

  • Grab back some self esteem

And that’s a few?! Well, yes. Always more. I’m human. Who’s not.

I’m not going to waffle on here about the above ‘list’. However, there is one worthy - at time of writing - of note.

Wembley. The stadium in London. Where football finals are held. NEWCASTLE ARE GOING IN A FEW DAYS! I am hellishly excited by this as a die-hard fan and supporter.

So what’s the negative? Aside from tickets, the fact they are like rocking horse shit, I am disabled, it's accessible.

I have MS. We know that. It isn’t a life stopper. Logistics become somewhat harder to deal with, and that alone is the stopper.

I would love to go, there is no doubt about that. Yet, realism is exactly that too. 45 years old yadda yadda, mindful enough of knowing what isn’t really, umm, realistic.

Next final for us though I will plan a journey of sorts that wouldn’t knack me too much. Or something like that! Ha

Howay the lads! Carabao Cup 2023! Newcastle United Football Club!


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