I know that I have not ‘produced’ any writing for a while, not without reason; different stories there. Anyway 7 months is long enough.

A 7-month hike, err, obviously; not. Hike. Something I can say never did to my memory, without doubt not in the last many years. Why? If you don’t know why, it’s because I have never been a walker, let alone a hiker and now living with MS for over half my life has changed a lot of life.

In this case, I’m bouncing (ha) off the word “hike” into the more common word and activity “walk”.

Let me explain a bit.

In a nutshell, if you didn’t know; I may have been living with Multiple Sclerosis – MS – for over half my life now. It wasn’t ‘formally’ diagnosed until I was a tender, ahem, 23 but it was spied (by a great friend and now qualified neuro-doctor) initially in 1997/8 – I was then not 23.

Now, some moons later, and having gone through the denial process that comes post-diagnosis e t c (more stuff elsewhere on the site about that), I am a shit-load more aware of it and its effects – namely here for example – walking.

Walking. Controlled falling. Whatever. When the central nervous system has issues with that control element; things can change; and do.

So here are some of what I attempt to ‘process’ when I undertake this basic movement, or related movements.

  • Tits out arse in shoulder blades back & down; #BGB [But Gut Back] . (posture)
  • Over swinging opposite arms to legs. (balance) CE[Conductive Education] , The MS Gym etc
  • Feet positioning. In-line with bandy legs; heel down 1st; step length.
  • Gait. ‘V’ feet position, and/or the different word to walk… Quack.
  • Exaggerated knee height (CE, posture, steps, foot-drop, muscles)
  • Body vertical, not leaning back or too far (posture, confidence - having spent too long looking down)
  • Dropped shoulder, left, or right? CE, symmetry
  • Manageable distance, always times x2 (twice distance) – there and back if possible
  • Pains. Muscular and neurological, limbs spine etc
  • Balance (biggie)
  • Hands and arm movements, like dancing, when actually subconsciously countering balance?
  • Door frames! Is it me or do they have their own magical magnetic field, or seem to? Yet, as much as a hindrance as they can be, they can also be useful. Secret support?
  • What look like to others – mental affects addition to / of the above that is a constant thorn too.
  • Always thinking of bladder.
  • Head-up physically, in my mind, visually appear more confident; works a bit.

All of the above are just my takes on some, all of which are exasperated by fatigue which itself needs no introduction.

But “I’m fine”.

Kelly (a committee member and friend), said to me when I was with the Newcastle & Gateshead Group, that I had my own walk. I didn’t think much of that then (even though not forgotten). Recently it has been said to me again (by a person close to me) about my walking style.

Hey, that t-shirt “I’m not drunk, I’ve got MS” is SO true I have never disbelieved. Now though, it’s a definite!

Sometimes, actually being not-sober (having had a couple only!), the relaxation mentally and / or otherwise, lets me feel that I walk better and maybe look like it too.

That is my walking rambling. Below are some links to MS sites’ walking information.

Thank you for reading.

I invite any comments or questions – about this topic! – and I’ll continue with another after a run!


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