MS Sessions 2017 Prague
Launch Party

This is part 1 of a special blog. It may seem a bit jumpy (comments welcome!), especially the day reviews - my lecture notes from the actual days! Just a heads-up…

In June 2017 I came across MSSessions2017 being held in Prague by, a fantastic charity – the social network for people with multiple sclerosis! I looked into what #MSSessions2017 was, and that at the time being a tender 39 years old (ahem) I just made it into the ‘age range’ (18-40) for the event. So I applied with requested info and hope!

 When I received the email confirmation of my successful application, I became excited! November then wasn’t too far off. Prague? Somewhere I had never been to but had always wanted to visit. This was beyond an ideal opportunity. So I thought!

It not only went further past whatever thoughts I had about what the weekend may have held; it amazingly blew them out of the water!

Woah. What IS MS Sessions? “It’s a festival bringing together young people with MS from across Europe. It is (was) to be two days filled with talks from leading experts, interactive activities and opportunities to connect with other young people with MS.” That is the formal answer from the website.

The bags were packed, alarm set (2nd time that year, not usually needing a bloody alarm!), I went to bed!

Friday 24/11/17

  • After 3 hours kip, I got up, got ready, taxied to Newcastle International Airport.
  • Booked in, grabbed a cuppa and a sarnie
  • Easily into 737 having asked for and booked assistance - standing queuing these days a challenge.
  • Good flight followed
  • At the hotel, really good vibes and service straight away.
  • I then met a lot of good people there
  • Little groups formed and in one, we went out for lunch – AND WALK! – back to the hotel for about half 5 having missed cocktail afternoon. Boo!

As the evening started ‘properly’, the atmosphere was brilliant. This was pre-arranged (not the atmosphere!) for those of us who went on the Friday. Relaxed and exciting throughout. Nice, gluten-free food, friendly people (all).

Here’s a thing. I started chatting with Kaz Aston. We got on very well and as she is a big player in PR and an MS campaigner, offered me a ‘job’; social media! Opportunities! Time might tell!

So, a fantastic Friday. To the Saturday!


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