Used to hate… Brussel Sprouts!

Roger goes vegetarian...for a day

Used to hate… Brussel Sprouts!

That is right. Brussel sprouts. Kid you not. Another ‘easy’ “5 ingredient” effort from Jamie; from me.

“Why?” I hear you shout. Well, I have made a sprout recipe before – as the main ingredient, not a Christmas addition – all be it 10(ish) years ago and it was a nice surprise. A stir fry that worked. So, this healthy meat-free option sounded worth a go.
The little cabbage-like green oddities that are generally un-liked, especially by children I think. Going back a decade or 3 I remember not liking anyway, nor my sister! The overcooking? Very possibly (sorry Mam!), ignoring the forget-me-not forgotten pan full of sprouts that cooked, and cooked, and cooked… Sprout-mash?! Wasn’t the best advert for the little fellas! Accidents happen!

What did I actually do? I recorded about a minute’s worth (in total) of ramble for the first time; and it goes, a little something like this!

“So, I’m full of cold today, being Tuesday I’ve not gone to conductive education, I’m going to cook another thing from Jamie’s 5 ingredient thingy bobby. As I’ve eaten a lot of meat recently, I’m going to have the gnarly Brussel sprout recipe. Going to try it anyway, having made a curry thing with them years ago.

First job is peeling these pistachio nuts that should be quite quick and easy, however, being quite ‘fingers and thumbs’ it's taking longer than some do.

Gritting there getting there. Lots of pomegranate juice and seeds sorted, I think. Next up – for me – is cutting the sprouts in half; arse-about-face I know. However!

Getting there getting there getting there! Sprouts are in, cooking away, cheese on a plate, kettle's on, job done.”

Hardly a useful cooking method (↑) – see below for the real McCoy – just a thing (recording) I did!

Expanding my bleep into a more useful method, I will say it as it was in line with what to really do. Staring from the start, obviously (well, to me anyway!) and with what:


> 300g Brussel Sprouts (I got a pre-prepared 250g pack with a better best before date for a few pennies more and less mess)

>  2 (or 3 in my case) cloves of garlic

> 30g shelled unsalted pistachios (50g shelled with the finger and thumbs challenge!)

>   1 Pomegranate

> 2 heaped tablespoons cottage cheese (2nd ever purchase?!)


> Trim the sprouts, discard any tatty bits, cut in half.

Obviously the first two were mostly done for me. Chopping is fun, though due to the size of these mini-cabbages, extra care was needed; I managed! Proper preparation prevents poor performance… etcetera!

> Place in a single layer cut side down in a large non-stick dry frying pan on a high heat and char for 5 minutes (mine took longer than 5)

This is where the written method changed given that the nuts had already been deshelled, another step in the process if needing done. All good on video when done by a very experienced and excellent chef on camera with invisible editing…

> Meanwhile, peel and finely slice the garlic.

> Crush the pistachios in a pestle and mortar.

> Halve the pomegranate, squeeze the juice of one half through a sieve into a bowl, then hold the other half side down and bash with a wooden spoon (or similar) so all the seeds fall out.

> Stir the garlic into the sprouts with a splash of water and a tablespoon of olive oil, cook for another minute (or a couple or 3!)

When all of the above is done, that’s pretty much it cooking-wise. However, there is always something else! Well, getting onto a plate or 2. Wouldn’t eat from a frying pan, would you!

> Put the cottage cheese onto the plates, spoon the gnarly sprouts on top, then sprinkle over the pomegranate seeds and pistachios (not forgotten!). Drizzle over the pomegranate juice and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Season to you hearts content; sorted!

Was it worth it? Hell yes! Enough so that the first plate that I initially held as the evening meal, served as a starter; to the second plate!

Sprouts. Evil vegetable suited only to Christmas? That’s a big fat no from me! Fresh, roasted on a dry pan, top down with simple additions or not, bloody lovely. Winning texture and taste all over.

What should have been an acclaimed 18 minute job took considerably longer. Took me longer anyway. Will I do again? Definitely.

Sprouts. The most misunderstood vegetable? Matter of opinion in that everyone’s tastes are different – thankfully! Want to see more? Not about sprouts, about my take on food and cooking? Please stay tuned – you know they’re coming – comment (ideas welcome!), share and RT!

Thank you for reading! Want to know more about the Brussel Sprout?!


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