At time of writing this waffle, it is the 9th month of the year already. That’s September if you don’t know! How the hell did that happen (so fast!)? I know in my nerdy view on things – ‘time fractions’ – get smaller as time itself goes on. Getting older!

Anyway, back to the kitchen. Not really but that is where you’d make a waffle right? Not to someone who does gibber?! I.e. ‘waffle’! But waffle I do and waffle with positive purpose!

Last month, “a couple or 3” (questionable phrase I’ve known/heard for years!) of different things have been encouraging. "What, why?" Obviously (ahem) centred around my living with MS.

The most notable was in the gym. I lifted a car equivalent! Not. I was talking with an instructor - Laura - and getting advice on how to do certain exercises better, that would help me improve my technique and therefore what I was aiming to…improve?!

Without going into a ‘gym-bore’, they (the pointers/corrections/telling-offs) would and will help my core group and its many many benefits; and my legs and hence sore knee. Anyway, before I go off on one, after we were talking I said about my (several) comparisons, and that’s where it got good.

Laura said that I was far from alone in any gym-comparisons, in that many, if not all, in their own respective journey or reason for being there, strive for improvement in one way or another alongside others. That makes sense; the gym isn’t a sentence, is it. Maybe a choice sentence for the pain lovers out there! Ooh gym-rant coming along; cease.

So that alone was good, put some oil into my broken overthinking machine (scarred brain!). There was more. Talk. When I was doing as told (gym crack swerve!?!), I said I was a 39 year-old single man with MS and using the gym for basic fitness and in the battle against the condition; affirmations came back at me! More oil!
It may sound – I don’t know – a bit depressing? Apologies if so, that’s not me, but who knocks a confidence booster or 3?! Thank you Laura.

Here’s the thing. I had started writing a blog entitled “coMpariSons”, a read that was/is a bit depressing in its own right (having read it again). It goes beyond the gym. I might keep it as a foundation for some chapters, for the time I might put stuff together in a book! It would need some special editing I know.

Waffle got good? Ha! I am waffling along now without plan. Anyway (again!), I am now tempted to contradict myself in carrying the MS gym bleep further by way of introducing… The MS Gym. Makes me a hypocrite? Not for the better MeaSure.

So, for those who do not know of the aforementioned (The) MS Gym, it is a closed Facebook Group, open to application. And? Well it was brought to my attention at a Pilates class a few weeks ago and I haven’t looked passed it since. Now I am not trying to sell this - but it is brilliant - ran fundamentally by one man and his wife with an experienced focus on using medical fitness to manage MS symptoms and more! It is helping me alongside Tysabri, my gym stuff and Pilates. Thank you Trevor and Misty!

That above, is one. One encouraging thing. Thinking right now, there have been others too! August looking like a good month reflecting back.

I can sense the waffle is becoming crisp so I will keep the end short. Without links for the next; blogs not waffles!

- Radio 5Live (it's the last half hour)
- Blog 10000 (my initial personal views count target)
- Urology
        That would be taking the piss. So no.

That’ll do for a September waffle I think. Ideas of other blogs afoot, even that I may try and cook a waffle! Yes, no?


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