MS Conductive Education

Conductive Education

Me, on ‘consultation’ day.

First thoughts. What? Why? Well having MS for my sins, I do try to keep as best I can really using what services are available locally and after returning to the North East some moons ago, I was made aware of the amazing Benmar House (Multiple Sclerosis Research and Relief Fund) in Morpeth. They offer a range of amazing services. I practice Pilates there when I can and love it! During this exercise I have met some great people and was advised to start Conductive Education that I did not act upon. Until now!

After attending the conductive education open day at the Percy Hedley centre in Newcastle in March, I was largely none-the-wiser of what it is in truth. It was busy and all whom I met were great people with pretty inspiring outlooks. So, I booked for my first personal consultation with Eszther – the conductor.

What took place? I went as if ready for the gym which was probably a bit over the top, but was hardly wrong. I of course just did as was asked to do. This began with Eszther asking me to sit and hold my limbs at certain angles (arms up, to the side etc) while she took pictures. Usual? No but I had signed saying that that (being photographed) would be OK. Profile building for improvements over time. I guess!

Then I was asked to perform certain movements; getting out of the chair, walking toe-heel (never easy!), onto the bed thing and moving around best I could. Also looking at my dexterity controlling finger movements while holding a chopstick type thing – swapping the holding from index finger thumb to middle finger thumb… and back! Both hands and reverse. Sounds simple, right?

Neuroglial style testing really (in my book!), but in a far far far more controlled and less stressful environment; not that Neurologists make me stressful, but!

I was talked through it all and welcomed to question, that I obviously did! And with my engineering background I put things into (my) perspective. For example, the movement for a better sitting posture position into being up and moving… Static to dynamic! And the ‘body symmetry’ realisations (I’m weaker on my right side!).

When Eszther and me were reflecting on some of my err, ‘badly biased’ actions, I knew exactly what she meant. I will not list these, but let’s say one side is weaker than the other! Understandable. Now I can ‘see’ it.

What’s next? Starting to take part in these classes I have not partaken with – for looking back now – too damn long!

I hope to get some benefit from this in the future, and coupled with Pilates and a little bit of gym action, to stay relatively fit! I will win!

For more information about Conductive Education, have a gander at the links below!


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