Great North Run 2016

Red Arrows setting smoke off over Newcastle

"I’m raising funds for the MS society in a show of support for my good friend Roger who was diagnosed with MS back in 2001. Roger is a really positive person and since his diagnosis he hasn’t moped around feeling sorry for himself, he has been an inspiration to me and many others as he spends his time raising funds and awareness for the MS Society.
MS is a life-long, chronic condition for which there is currently no cure. The funds raised will go towards improving treatment and care to help people with MS take control of their lives as well as funding research to beat MS for good.
Any contributions towards my £300 goal would be greatly appreciated by me, Roger and the MS Society."

Obviously, the above is not my writing, but those of/for/on-behalf of a great friend of mine who is taking on the arduous task of running 13.1 miles in the Great North Run 2016, for the Newcastle and Gateshead Multiple Sclerosis branch. 
I was present there last year as a 'cheerer' (clad in orange!), my first ever GNR anything, although I did try to get fit(ter) for it some years ago; knee said no!
So I am asking any fantastic blog viewer - Hi! - to share this story to try to get some support for Paul and our branch, please and thanks!

A link would help though Roj!


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