I always like to attend research talks at suitable – MS! – events to try and keep up to date as an interested patient. We know there is a great deal of related news that appears in the media, that does not actually carry a great deal of weight behind the copy due to their sources (that I know of not!). So I had to attend the ‘Making a difference through research’ talk.

The lecture/talk was indeed a Neurologist talk performed by Professor Siddharthan Chandran. A very knowledgeable and funny guy!

As an avid listener, I literally scribbled down a few notes only:

> STEM Cell research positives carrying belief. Remyelination.

> Future MS. Removing uncertainty.

> GUT reaction study. 60-80% autoimmune activity occurs in the gut.

It made sense then! Those 3 notes might not be useful at all, but here’s the but. Me doing my own bit research to support this blog I came across this talk, missing a few new/er ideas for your own perusal…

Wow. Outstanding. Hopeful.

I grabbed a glass of water – hydration!– and onto Mindfulness!


Mindfulness is something I have an interest in, enough that I have experienced my first taster with Stuart Sadler, an excellent qualified clinical psychologist and even a couple of Buddhism sessions (had no idea, but tried!).

As Audrey Hird, an experienced mindfulness practitioner was hosting an interactive presentation, I HAD to go. So I did!

Not much scope for writing during that as I was in ‘the zone’. Comparing thoughts. Not much use that statement, but as I am not going to write down as occurred I can only advise – if interested – to investigate further!

·             The Here & Now.

·             There were approximately 30 people in a circle for the presentation.

·             Asked to keep eyes shut for 2 minutes, then again with Audrey saying to focus on body parts. The reflective time feels different. Honest!

·             Best having feet flat on the floor during practice.

7 Things Mindful People Do Differently

Living with MS Edinburgh 2016. Fabulous event for which I am grateful to have been present for! Looking forward to MS Life 2016!

Here’s hoping what you've read, seen, listened to has been exciting, entertaining, educational and more! It’s going nowhere.
Thank you; Roger!


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