Depends!: Music. Diverse Electronica

You will know or not, love or not!

Depends!: Music. Diverse Electronica: Diverse electronica This is a self-titled genre by me! Not unique granted, but as is it random, varied, different, weird… I know I lov...

Music. Diverse Electronica

Diverse electronica

This is a self-titled genre by me! Not unique granted, but as is it random, varied, different, weird… I know I love it! Beeps and bops? A branch of Techno. (I don’t like the description IDM. (Intelligent Dance Music)) Yes please. It is not all ‘good’ I know that but then what genres are there that ALL respective music is good? Exactly.

As I have said in a previous music blog, I first discovered these sounds at University, circa 1996. I knew there and then I liked it a lot. A great deal in fact, and still do to this day.

What is this genre? Here are some examples of what and who I listen to:

          Boards of Canada
          Aphex Twin
          Warp Records
          New Blood 010

There is no real ordering in the list other than my favourite album still remains Autechre’s Incunabula. I thought for many years it was their first (an EP the first release), but I was wrong even though Amber was commercially a second release, I think. Another damn fine album. The way I see-hear Incunabula is that it plays like a move to me. Tells a story. Each and every track has its own musical merits. #Melodic, #moving, thought provoking, #industrial, #futuristic, Terminator’esq... Shall I go on?! It has served me well across the years. Happily lose myself in 78:04 minutes of ghostly electronica bliss.

Later that ‘year’ (2nd year; Uni), I popped into Fopp on Byres Road for a browse, and what was playing at that time I asked about. Boards of Canada came to me from there and then! (’98). Music has the Right to Children has had umpteen-hundred plays! I own their catalogue, on CD! Geogaddi was their second album, released in 2002 that brought a darker sound and with that a selection of new chords, beats etcetera. Other CDs followed – Eps and a quite a while until another album. Come back guys! We want more!

Aphex Twin! Another CD that blew me away – Selected Ambient Works 85–92. Still in this genre, but across a wider spectrum incorporating more Techno sounds. But uniquely. He is a very clever producer and this album for me (and far from just me) stands the test of time.
Aphex Twin logo

I won’t give a/my bio for them all, but you’ll get an idea of my electronica delights! μ-ziq for example, another artist I came across in the late nineties and onward. Similar sounds – but again different. If you don’t have the care or care for such music, it may sound ‘the same’. I disagree! Yes, as I said earlier, I don’t love it all – there is some crap out there – but each to their own! (heavy metal all sound the same? Of course not; but!!!)

I would say there is one major fitting label for this genre and that being Warp Records, and as such I investigate and discover some gems; e.g. Clark! Different again! Check him out! Squarepusher has been around for years, but hands-up I do not own much. Guilty? All in time! And Plaid (pronounced ‘Plad’) also has some magical sounds.

New Blood 010. This was suggested to me by Fran, for which I am extremely grateful. What an album. This – Departure – being my favourite, yet there are others that make me stop; and listen!

Orbital. That's a given just as it/they stand alone, and not dare I say as diverse as some of the above; they are not listed here, but in another music blog!

Hopefully you can sense that I love this stuff massively. However! I do think these days that IF I had to choose one single genre (can’t see it ever happening, ever), it would be…. Classical. Getting old(der), or appreciate the time it takes to develop such an organic sound?! Laugh away! Rave on!

Who’s with me!?! Love your thoughts on your tastes!

Depends!: Majorca 2017

Depends!: Majorca 2017: Majorca 2017 As of writing this blog – late again; I know – celebrating a small break in the sun on foreign shores, it’s been and gone ...

Majorca 2017

Majorca 2017

As of writing this blog – late again; I know – celebrating a small break in the sun on foreign shores, it’s been and gone as holidays do after returning home for a few days!

Ok, I saw an offer of a 3-night holiday in Cala Bona, Majorca at a very reasonable cost within my somewhat limited riches, so I put forward my interest to the responsible travel agent. Yes, it (the deal) was for 2 people, but at the cost I had to enquire having not been away since April 2015 (2 years). The ball was set in motion.

As I had seen the fantastic offer on Facebook initially and knowing that the agent (Leanne) was known and recommended by my sister Sharon, I did a/the/that tagging thing just for some thoughts…

Ideally in my mind (selfish?!) it would have been a perfect break for myself and my better half Sara, who works in a school, so holidays said no to that, but as it was an offer for 2, the booking went ahead anyway! What I did not expect was for Sharon to vest interest in the offer for herself and Chris (my brother-in-law) too, if logistics could be facilitated to allow their transfers to be from Gatwick not Newcastle; which was done!

Picture of the word holiday drawn in a beach
So, about what, 6 weeks later it was holiday time and I got excited having never been to Majorca before, knowing that it would at least be hotter than the spring climes of Newcastle, and not knowing anything else about it really – part of the excitement! Sleep that night? 2 hours before my 3am taxi pick-up! Insomnia experience welcome?!

As you do in the airport, the check-in process (felt strange when asked about Sara’s absence) must be done bla bla bla and of course it was relatively early – I hate queueing for too long; sure no-one’s a fan but my little MonSter especially is not a fan, which meant my case got in fairly early too. You know what that meant! (1st on last off…)

I was sat with my headphones as company looking forward to the needed thrust to go and as Carmina Burana started playing exactly on take-off, it could not have been better timed! Brilliant! Better than my 1st ever holiday abroad to Lanzarote in 1994 as The Fugees “Killing you Softly with Me” started playing! (some things you don’t forget!)

2 hours 50 minutes later I landed at Palma airport after an enjoyable short flight; and to collect luggage. Remember ‘1st on last off’? Oh so true. But by then the rest of the holiday makers had disappeared and the Thomas Cook travel rep too. What bus did I need? I asked and asked… Aye, it could have been the way I was asking while showing the ‘Travel Document’, but. Anyway, by then Sharon and Chris were there as well so I went on their bus to the resort.

Protur Florita Resort was home for 3 nights self-catering accommodation. My room was surprisingly good in that I had no expectations what so ever. Bags dropped, into shorts and to the bar, as one does! It was holiday!

Me sitting down pointing at my sling!We didn’t venture far that first day. Well actually that is not true. See, my rarely worn prescription sunglasses were on but I couldn’t get used to them. Vision just didn’t feel right and unfortunately this was proven to be the case as I did not see a small (~2”) step and tripped, fell and hurt my elbow pretty badly. So, a venture to A&E was on – X-Rays and a sling later and back to the shack! #Holidaystory. Ahem.

That was the Saturday, and to the Sunday. I had something I HAD to see or similar (online commentary for example) somewhere, being Newcastle’s last game of the EFL Championship with the chance of becoming champions. Couldn’t not experience it somehow (not being at St. James’!) so I went to the British Bar as Sharon and Chris went exploring, as they do.

They weren’t showing the game (it wasn’t being broadcast) with relegation and play-off games having priority over us and Brighton as to who would be the champions! Howay! So, I sat in front of a large screen showing Sky Sports News, and Twitter #NUFC on my phone. I had a pizza and a couple of lime-sodas and we were 3 goals up to the good(!); but Brighton were by then 1 up and coasting (no pun) to be champions. I had grudgingly settled for what looked like a 2nd place finish with secured promotion. THEN Twitter went mad saying Villa (who were hosting Brighton) had scored. Brighton had to win their game! Doubting some previous false Twitter claims I double-checked and Villa HAD scored an 89th minute goal! Hadn’t had such a football rush for years! A pint of Estrella was on just as Chris and Sharon returned thinking Brighton were champions; I happily corrected them! Newcastle United FC EFL Championship Champions 2016/2017!!! YES!!!

Rafa Benitez holding up Newcastle United's Championship winners cup in St. James' Park

And back to Majorca!

After I thoroughly enjoy that pint (we won! Did I say that!?!) we went down to the Harbour pub in Cala Bona and met a lovely couple with their lovely dog Tess, chatted and had a shandy. Then we went and got changed in preparation for some scran and had a fab dinner at Restaurant Son Floriana. The earlier pizza was a late lunch and a lining! To the beach bar and home to sleep. Champion(s!)! What a Sunday!

A church in Soller
On Monday, we drove to Sóller. Quite a drive (Chris was the man at the wheel, it obviously wasn’t me and my sling) but it had been recommended as somewhere to visit and to get the Tram. We got parked, got an ice cream, then onto the tram to Port de Sóller! Beautiful! Bigger than I thought it would have been, but live and learn!

That night in my room, I was treated to a loud holiday soundtrack from the nearby bar, not so good if you’re trying for an early night for an early morning departure. My decision to have had a Tiramisu pudding was the stupidest thing I did being a non-caffeine taker! 1 hours sleep for me then!

And that was that! Thank you, Majorca, I hope to be back!

Scenic view of some mountains

Soller bay with many boats

Soller bay with many boats

Myself, Sharon and Chris posing for a picture after lunch outside a bar