Disabled supermarket rant!

Disabled supermarkets rant!


I have just been to a supermarket for essential foodstuffs and was greeted with a long queue of shoppers adhering to the 2m rule. Fair enough.

However. As someone who is legit disabled – MS as the big one – I cannot stand for 30+ minutes in a slow-moving queue. I wish I could.

This I flagged with security at the front door, who were only doing their jobs, and they said no. That was respectively passed to the store manager who also said no.

That is the ‘law’. OK with that. My gripe is the visibility of what differences there are for the ‘vulnerable’ in this affected Coronavirus society, i.e. those affected by whatever their ‘problems’ may be.

The elderly seems to be covered well, with the “vulnerable” too. But. The times that are supposed to be available for them/us ARE NOT CLEAR.

Hey, if I have missed this information and these slots, I’m sorry. Just haven’t seen or heard them.

Rant over. #Staysafe


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