Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations


In my MS journey, I participated in Conductive Education (CE) for a good number of months. As the respective blog says, it is a fairly unique activity - moulded from primarily to help with Cystic Fibrosis - to help with Multiple Sclerosis. More info on the CE blog and its links too.

Anyway, that was then. I stopped for a few reasons not to be listed as they may sound wrongly negative. One of which I am in that guilty of taking too much on. Last in first out? That’ll do.

Do I miss it? The activity itself not really (no bridges burned and yes, I would return), but I thoroughly enjoyed that the first thing attendees were asked to say were three positive experiences of the last week they / we had had. A memory test itself but the positive reflection was great!

So, why not carry this on? It has been a while yes (group thoughts sharing) and/but I am now taking up from my intentions to share some positive vibes! Ideally on a weekly basis, if I can get into a ‘routine’ and also lesson my self-judgment about over-all blog quality - detail detail detail! - and focus on words. Laugh away!

Why now? Read below to find out!

1. Ireland.

This stems from that amazing weekend of #MSSessions2017 in Prague November 2017. There I met a lot of fabulous people and formed closer relationships with some as happens. By-passing details, (I know!) four of us met again, this time in Cork, Ireland, where one of us lives.
My first ever trip to Ireland! What a great place, needless to say I had truly a fantastic long weekend with the crew (us four).

We ate, drank, rested (needed quite frequently for all), laughed across the break.

I haven’t laughed as much as that for a long time.

More happened than that; might become public in due-course!

2. Exercise and Pilates.

After a break (Ireland and others), I have returned to exercise and Pilates I (and MS) enjoy. The physical challenge is and can be a daunting thought when the mindset just isn’t there. Mind-over-matter easier said than done sometimes. Especially when dealing with the fatigue monster.

I’ve returned! Again.

3. Meditation.

I saw this advertised in Benmar House a while ago and thought it to be possibly interesting. So, after procrastinating (expert) I went, and now really look forward to the weekly session with the meditation practitioner.

I do listen to, and have done for years, nightly ‘sleep’ meditations/podcasts yet when in/at a class with real people it goes different level. I love it!

There you have it. A short blog introducing my three positive affirmations as of late June 2018. Each of my three could and will have more details elsewhere at some point. But you get the idea.

Why not share yours too?


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